Log Siding & Corners

2x8 insulated log siding corner

If your conventional home or garage needs a face-lift, look no further than Timberhaven's kiln-dried White Pine log siding. Log siding can be utilized in these applications along with so many other scenarios including an addition to your existing home or simply to add a splash of character. The layers of log siding application are depicted to the right.   


This quality material is kiln dried and manufactured from Eastern White Pine. Other wood species, like Western Red Cedar and White Cedar are available upon request. 


This specialty log siding is manufactured in multiple profiles and corner options to match our engineered and solid log counterparts. A hand-hewn finish that provides additional rustic appeal is also available for every profile.  



Log Siding Profiles starting at $1.99 per lineal foot

 2"X6" Profiles


2"X8" Profiles


 3"X8" Profiles


2"X12" Profiles

2x6 D kiln dried log siding  D2x8 D kiln dried log sidingD2x8 single notch kiln dried log siding  Single Notch  2x8 Single Bevel kiln dried log siding  Single Bevel  2x8 Double Bevel kiln dried log siding  Double Bevel  2x8 V-Groove kiln dried log siding  Double V-Groove  3x8 kiln dried log sidingSwedish Cope2x12 Single Notch log siding and cornersSingle Notch2x12 V-Groove kiln dried log sidingDouble V-Groove2x12 log siding and corners  D (Shiplap)  




 Stack Height


 2" x 6" D 5 1/4"  Kiln-Dried Eastern White Pine  
 2" x 8" D 7 1/4"Kiln-Dried Eastern White Pine
 2" x 8"Single Notch 7 1/4"Kiln-Dried Eastern White Pine
2" x 8"Single Bevel7 1/4"Kiln-Dried Eastern White Pine
2" x 8"Double Bevel7 1/4"Kiln-Dried Eastern White Pine
2" x 8"  Double V-Groove  7 1/4"Kiln-Dried Eastern White Pine
3" x 8"Swedish Cope7 1/4"Kiln-Dried Eastern White Pine
2" x 12"Single Notch11 1/4"Kiln-Dried Eastern White Pine
2" x 12"Double V-Groove11 1/4"Kiln-Dried Eastern White Pine
2" x 12"D (Shiplap)11 1/4" Kiln-Dried Eastern White Pine



Log Siding Corners

Timberhaven provides a variety of corner options including Mortise & Tenon (M&T) or Saddlenotch. The log siding corners are manufactured from our kiln-dried solid or engineered products. You will receive short and long pieces of siding so that alternating seams do not line up once the siding is applied. We will also provide left and right corner options for your project.  Details include:  






Corner Options

Kiln-Dried Log options

Price Per


  Log Siding Corner Extension  6" x 8"  D27"  M&T or Saddlenotch  Engineered or SolidUnit   $17.60   
  Log Siding Corner Extension6" x 8"D43"M&T or SaddlenotchEngineered or SolidUnit$35.20
  Log Filler6" x 8"D 8"  Engineered or SolidUnit$8.80
  Log Siding Corner Extension8" x 6"D27"M&T or SaddlenotchEngineered or SolidUnit$17.60
  Log Siding Corner Extension8" x 6"D43"M&T or SaddlenotchEngineered or SolidUnit$35.20
  Log Filler8" x 6"D 6 1/8"  Engineered or Solid Unit$8.80
  Log Siding Corner Extension8" x 8"D27"M&T or SaddlenotchEngineered or SolidUnit$24.17
  Log Siding Corner Extension8" x 8"D43"M&T or SaddlenotchEngineered or SolidUnit$48.34
  Log Filler8" x 8"D6 1/8"  Engineered or Solid Unit$12.08


Contact our professionals today to learn more. Our team will help you determine how much lineal feet of siding and corner pieces are needed in order to complete your particular application. If you need fasteners, caulking and preservative, our team can assist you with those needs as well. 


Contact us today for pricing and additional details about our log siding & corners. 

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