• Builder Friendly

Builder Friendly

How is Timberhaven builder friendly?

Builders can rest assured that they will be supported with respect and professionalism as a member of Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes family. Throughout the building process we will be with you through each phase of the construction process ready to answer your questions and guide you to completion of the project.


1. Construction Workshops or individual tutorials for Professional Builders.

2. Most comprehensive straight-forward estimates and quotes so there are no surprises. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting for the price stated.

3. Custom design services.

4. Most complete, detailed, and accurate construction prints in the industry. Providing professionally sealed plans and energy calculations (ResCheck Compliance Reports) as/if required.

5. Written Warranties

6. Award-winning marketing materials

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7.  Most complete log home and timber frame home packages comprised of the finest quality engineered and traditional solid logs & timbers, along with premium grade name-brand products.

8.  Non-settling log & timber system allowing for quicker and easier assembly.

9.  All logs and timbers are graded according the standards set by the Log Homes Council of National Association of Home Builders.

10. Processes and product are certified and inspected by third party independent quality assurance specialists.

11. The Most precisely pre-cut package in the log home industry, meaning less time consuming cutting on-site.

12. Detailed pre-cut plans to assist assembly.

13. Comprehensive construction manual.

14. Pre-sorted logs so what you need first are easily accessible without having to sort on-site. (Time and money saver.)

15. On-site Construction Services

16. Dedicated Customer Service Staff – Speak directly with people qualified to answer your technical questions or offer construction advice.


16. Referral program for builders who bring pre-qualified leads to Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes.

17. Trained, Experienced and Dedicated Employees, all with technical support skills and more than 27 years average log home work experience.

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