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Log Home Construction – Part 5 – Custom Built Log Homes

Log home construction is in full swing. This lovely Pennsylvania log home is coming along nicely. The next phases of construction – Interior wall framing/support posts and roof construction – have been completed. Let’s show you what Jack…
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Log Home Construction – Part 4 – Custom Built Log Homes

Your log home plans have been drawn to perfection; logs expertly kiln dried, laminated, and milled; and package components delivered to your job site. Now what? Well, it’s time to get to work – get-your-hands-dirty kind of work - log home…
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Custom Built Log Home – Part 3 – Delivery Day

Time after time we hear our log home customers declare that delivery day is one of the most exciting days in their log home venture. Jack and Bob concur. “We were very excited on delivery day. It’s been a long-time dream of ours and it’s…

Custom Built Log Home by Timberhaven – Part 2 – Manufacturing & Foundation Prep

 Professional local representative  Custom design services  Most complete package…. one that I can afford  On-site technical support and proven customer satisfaction  High-quality product that comes with a guarantee If…

Custom Built Log Home by Timberhaven – Part 1 – Design & Land Considerations

The majority of people who own a custom built log home will tell you they spent years planning for their project. From the initial phase of clipping photos out of magazines and researching on the Internet – to attending log home shows, meeting…
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Your Log Home Resource Center – Timberhaven Log Homes Blog

Timberhaven Log Homes blog is finally here.... Welcome! This website has been created in an effort to get connected to our many existing customers and to make some new friends. We want to inform you about what is going on at Timberhaven, as…
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National Log Home Month at Timberhaven Log Homes

Log Homes Council Members Celebrate National Log Home Month. Log home enthusiasts have an opportunity to experience log home living first-hand. You can celebrate National Log Home Month by touring a log home near you! For the opportunity to…
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Local Business Owners Attend NAHB Tour – Timberhaven

For immediate release - May 1, 2014: Joseph Folker, Leonard Kuhns, and Lynda Tompkins - owners of Timberhaven Log Homes in Lewisburg, PA – recently attended the NAHB tour (National Association of Home Builders) in Manchester, NH. The 3-day…
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