Of course there are some disadvantages to building a log home in the winter — the process has its advantages, too!

In extreme cold weather, construction timeframes are increased because it takes longer to do everything!  From sweeping or shoveling the subfloor after a nighttime snow has fallen – to taking time getting out of the cold temperatures to warm up.  Naturally our bodies move slower too…

building a log home in the winterAs a continuation of Building a Log Home in the Winter Part 1 and Part 2, normally the subfloor materials would be set next.  However, because this log home is being built on a slab, that does not apply.  Onward and upward, literally.

If logs were being laid on a snowy subfloor, take the time to clear off the snow. Be sure it is removed from the pressure treated material plate on the outside of the stem wall as well.

The most frequently used snow removal tools are definitely required on the job site. Keep them handy: Broom, shovel, multi-purpose leaf blower, etc.

Although there may be some additional challenges, there are also some benefits to building your log home in the winter.  For example, during log home construction logs generally become discolored as they are exposed to elements – especially during an overly wet spring or summer like we had this year. There is an added step when this happens as the logs have to be cleaned up before the final preservative is applied.  It’s a routine process but does take time and energy to resolve.  During the winter, because the atmosphere is dryer, the logs will experience less discoloration because no mildew can buildup.  This saves time and energy to clean up in the end.

Furthermore, traditionally the winter months are slower times for builders.  Perhaps your builder will agree to work at a lesser rate in order to keep his building a log home in the winterschedule full and his team at work.  Discuss this option when interviewing potential builders.

Thankfully our representatives, Greg and Stan, don’t mind the cold or the snow. They’ve been busy laying our pre-cut, pre-drilled kiln-dried Engineered Logs despite inclement weather conditions in the Midwest.   The pre-cut work performed in the controlled-environment of our manufacturing facility saves these builders from making costly miscuts in the field.  Also, inversely stacked bundles of logs – which simply means the logs needed first are at the top of a bundle –helps increase productivity on the site.  Increased productivity = increased blood flow which is super important in that winter wonderland.  Keep up the great work, guys.  The lake view is breathtaking.  No pun intended.

Stay tuned for more considerations regarding building a log home in the winter!