Hunting is deeply rooted in our history. Since the dawn of humankind, if man wanted to survive, he hunted for food. Today, even with the modern conveniences we have regarding our food supply, hunting still remains an inseparable part of life. Why? Tradition.

By no means is hunting with friends and family a new tradition. In fact, it used to be one of several traditional American family values. Many families have strong hunting traditions that have continued for generations. Often times, these traditions consist of gathering together at the family cabin each hunting season for the chance to track a variety of wildlife and make some memories.

Hunting Cabin Options

If you think about it, it makes sense. After all, hunting and cabins are like wine and cheese: they just go together. But unless you already have a cabin in the family, you’ve got to go about getting one yourself–and for many people, that can be a challenge. The good news is that Timberhaven offers a variety of options to fit the needs and budget of any enthusiast in need of a special place to start their own hunting traditions. Whether you need a tiny, one-room getaway for a solo trip or a magnificent lodge that can sleep an entire hunting party, we have a cabin option that will make your time in the woods enjoyable and memorable.

Getting Started

Aren’t sure where to begin? Our Sportsman Cabin Series is the perfect starting place. Choose from one of four affordable floor plans that range in size from a cozy 259 sq. ft. to a spacious 1,143 sq. ft. Constructed of 4×8 D kiln-dried, Engineered Logs and name-brand quality standard components, these cabins are builder-friendly and made to last for generations to come.

If your vision of a hunting cabin is a bit more superior than our modest sportsman series, then log onto our design center today!  Upon registration, you’ll have access to more than 300 design ideas. Annnnd, if you don’t find something you like, that’s OK, too.  We can design and draw something completely custom for you instead.

No matter what the size of your dream hunting cabin, take the time to talk with a Timberhaven sales representative to determine which cabin may best fit your needs. We wish you an extremely successful hunting season and hope to hear from you soon!