The Timberhaven Team: Get to Know Ken Holmes

Because our employees pour their heart and soul into the products and services they produce and provide to each and every single one of our clients, we feel it is important for you to get to know these individuals.  So from time to time we would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to the faces behind Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes. These people make this company what it is with their steadfast dedication and commitment to build upon traditions of Integrity, Innovation, Quality, Value & Service.  It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our very own Ken Holmes.

Employee Spotlight: Who is Ken Holmes?

portrait of Ken Holmes, employee spotlight, log homes, log cabin homes, log cabins, post and beam homes, timberframe homes, timber frame homes, laminated logs, engineered logs, floor plan designs, kiln dried logs, Timberhaven local reps, log homes in Pennsylvania, log homes in PA, Timberhaven Log Homes, Timberhaven Log & Timber HomesHe likes to maintain a low profile and stay out of the “spotlight”, but Ken is extremely knowledgeable, very well rounded (not referring to his waistline here) and has a great sense of humor.  On a daily basis, Ken plays a vital role, as a draftsman, in our Engineering Department.  He spends most of his time focusing on finalizing construction drawings; but he also shares the preliminary plan workload with his co-worker, Wendi, and the MTO (material take-off) workload with his co-worker, Jeff.

Ken says he is well-rounded from childhood experiences of (1) living in the suburbs, (2) helping his parents with the bar/restaurant they owned in the city, and (3) frequently retreating to his grandparents’ secluded cabin in the woods. In addition to enjoying these various lifestyles, Ken appreciated opportunities of employment diversification as he worked as a surveyor, in a bread bakery, hotel, funeral home, construction company, and even a beer distributor.  It was during his non-drinking beer distribution days that he went back to school to learn drafting and computers.  After completing a few classes, he had an opportunity to meet with Lynda Tompkins, Director of Engineering for Kuhns Bros. Log Homes at that time.  Given Ken’s experiences, sincere maturity, and respect for achievement, he earned employment on Lynda’s engineering team…there have been no regrets and no looking back.

Lynda, now one of the principals of Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes, says Ken’s willingness to assist the team is one of his greatest attributes.  She saw his level of quality and commitment over 16 years ago. Ken still brings these same attributes to work with him today.

Employee Spotlight: Ken Holmes’ Work Day

IMG_1036As a draftsman, Ken estimates that an average preliminary plan takes 6-8 hours to complete while construction drawings range from 16-18 hours to an entire week to complete.  During the prelim phase, Ken strives to solidify flow and functionality into each log home design. Construction drawings, however, include additional intricacies of post and beam placement, their associated connections and any other unique element of the home. Joinery of a timber frame home is extremely complex and takes an even greater amount of time to draw.

After the plans are finalized, Ken prepares an MTO (Materials Take-Off list).  Including every lag and screw, this list includes every item that will be needed to construct this log home.  Other Timberhaven team members use Ken’s MTO to order items like doors and windows, pull materials for shipping or red-flag production that unique wood members may be required for the job.  It’s a very detailed process…one that takes patience and deep concentration.

Employee Spotlight: Ken Holmes’ Favorite Project

When asked to comment about his most rewarding log home job, Ken talked about an 8-year-old project that consisted of massive handcrafted round logs and had a very unique design.  Ken even had the opportunity to visit this home once it was complete.

daughter being carried on father's back, Ken Holmes, employee spotlight, Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes, Timberhaven, log homes, Middleburg, PAInnovative and creative but never a self-promoter, Ken sincerely enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter at their home in Muncy, Pennsylvania.  He savors comfort foods like pizza, burgers and spam ham (the good kind, not the cheap stuff), and is entertained by old John Wayne movies or The Godfather.  We asked him to share a hidden talent, but he claims to still be searching for them, as you would expect from someone as humble as Ken.


Employee Spotlight: Advice from Ken Holmes

Ken encourages log home enthusiasts currently working on their designs to be cognizant of room size, closet space, functionality and flow. Think about how you will live in this home. What kind of furniture will you have?  Where will you store everyday items like your purse and vacuum? Is your “kitchen/dining” large enough for a dining room table or does it just look good on paper?  Take a moment to consider these things, ask your local rep for our multi-page design questionnaire and checklist, and be open to new ideas and/or suggestions presented by those trying to make your plan work.

Those who don’t need the spotlight to shine are dubbed as introverts.  Without them this world would not have the theories of gravity and relativity….Peter Pan….Google….or Ken Holmes.  Thank you, Ken, for bringing your intellect, dedication and hard-working attitude to work every day.  This ship couldn’t sail without you, and we wholeheartedly appreciate everything you do for Timberhaven.