Are you looking for the perfect piece of land on which to build your dream log home or timber frame home?

Do you envision your home set high up on a mountain with a view that takes your breath away?

Or is your home nestled in a secluded forest or front and center in your favorite suburban neighborhood?

Whatever the case may be, finding land — not just any piece of land but the perfect property — is as important as finalizing your log home or timber frame home design.

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The lay of the land upon which you intend to build is an important factor when it comes to designing your home. For example, your dream home may include a walk-out basement, but the land you desire may make that part of the dream very difficult. Remember, you can always design a home to suit a landscape, but you may not always be able to alter the landscape to accommodate the specifications of predetermined house plans.

Finding Land: Home Design Elements to Consider

There are also many other design elements that will be affected by the land on which you plan to build.

  • How to take advantage of the view
  • Basement type | access | walk-out areas, etc.
  • Incorporation of entertainment areas – inside and out!
  • Water access
  • The list goes on….

Finding Land: Additional Considerations

Additional considerations include the local government’s long-term land-use plan, utilities, easements, restrictions, access and services.

Finding Land: Before you finalize…

Before finalizing your land purchase, we encourage you to do the following:

Your local Timberhaven representative was once in your [similar] shoes.  Their past experiences will prove to be invaluable.

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