Timber Frame Kitchen and Dining

“Forever grateful” are words Mark and Eileen McDermott echo without hesitation when they are reminiscing about their Timberhaven experience. We caught up with these new homeowners recently, and here is what they had to share [at length]:

Timber Frame Trusses and Bent, timber frame home, timber frame living area, timber accents, Timberhaven

“A Hybrid/Timber Frame was what we always pictured as our dream house. After touring another house, we were introduced to Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes. Our local rep took us under their wing, showed us around the manufacturing shop, and talked to us in detail about what products and services Timberhaven could provide.

After much research and numerous emails, we decided to go with Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes to assist us with the floor plans and to provide timbers (as well as other specialty wood products) for our new house.

From day one, our meetings, interactions, emails, phone calls, EVERYTHING was so professional and comforting. Our rep met with us numerous times to help us adjust, change, and decide every small detail through the design process to make our dream become real. It did not take long to realize what an amazing company we were lucky to be working with. Our rep was extremely understanding with every request, and they accommodated and made recommendations to fit our budget. Every single interaction we had with Timberhaven was enjoyable.

We were also impressed with the timeliness of deliveries, the incredible quality of the products, and the attention to detail that Timberhaven provided. With every bump in the road we had, Timberhaven was there to smooth things out, and we could not be more pleased.

Timber Frame Kitchen and Dining, timber frame home, timber frame living area, timber accents, timberhaven

Timberframe frame and barn doors, timber frame home, timber frame living area, timber accents, Timberhaven

Forever Grateful: We never want to leave…

Now that we are settled in, we often joke about how we never want to leave our new home. I guess that’s how we know we got it right!

In closing, what started out as a dream that was drawn on a bar napkin, Timberhaven helped us make into a reality. Our house has become our home with Timberhaven’s help, and we are forever grateful.”

~Mark and Eileen McDermott
Proud Timberhaven Hybrid/Timber Frame Homeowners
Modified Loganton Design

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