The term hybrid applies to many different things, including cars, plants, and even dogs. But the term applies just as equally to home construction. In fact, there’s been a shift within the log and timber frame home industry over the past few years, to a more hybrid mindset, if you will. Now more than ever before, clients seemingly have endless options. As a result, Timberhaven is pleased to introduce our new product line: Hybrid Homes with Timber Accents.

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What defines Hybrid Homes?

As its name suggests, a hybrid home blends different types of construction and finish materials into a new style for homeowners who appreciate both simple beauty and dramatic flair. With this combination of building techniques and decorative elements, hybrid homes allow homeowners to get the best of both worlds.  The end result is a home that’s as unique as those who reside there.

Timber Accents of the Highest Quality

And so, by integrating timber accents into conventional construction systems, we are able to create the distinct aesthetic feel of a true timber frame home. This blend of decorative elements offers homeowners a cost-effective alternative to achieving the timelessness of timber frame construction. Our timber accents are crafted using premium-grade engineered or traditional solid timbers and beams.  Our premium-grade materials offers superior strength and stability, is the driest and straightest material available in the market, and ultimately affords extraordinary aesthetics for all interior and exterior applications.

Flexible & Stylish Plans for Hybrid Homes

Moreover, with the flexibility and style Timberhaven Hybrid Homes have to offer, your home can become a true extension of you. You can modify any one of our existing log or timber frame plans to fit the Hybrid Home with Timber Accent profile – or – we can provide complete custom design services.  Talk about endless options.

Interior Accents: Create a warm, inviting atmosphere with timber accents that include:

  • Timber Posts and Beams
  • Character ‘Trees’ for Posts
  • Log Sidings (available in a variety of profiles)
  • T&G and Shiplap
  • Stair Systems available in heavy timber, timber pegged, or handcrafted log
  • Handrail Systems available in traditional square pine (with metal baluster options), milled round pine, or rustic handcrafted log
  • Trims for windows / doors, walls, and ceiling applications
  • Custom barn doors (distressed, stained, etc.) with track and hardware in varying style

Exterior Accents: We offer a wide range of exterior timber accents and hybrid materials ranging from minimal to elaborate, which include:

  • Timber Frame or Post & Beam Porch Systems
  • Timber Trusses
  • Timber Gable Accents
  • Corbels & Faux Hayloft Doors
  • Decorative Timber Overhangs
  • Railing Systems
  • Stone Veneer
  • Log Sidings (available in a variety of profiles)
  • Cedar Shakes & Board and Batten
  • HardieBoard & LP Diamond Kote LP SmartSide

timber frame entry way with exposed beams, timber accents, timber frame, timber frame accents, hybrid homes, Timberhaven, engineered timbers, kiln dried  Exterior Timber Accents Porch, timber accents, timber frame, timber frame accents, hybrid homes, Timberhaven, engineered timbers, kiln dried

In summary, there’s so much more to tell you about our new Hybrid Home product line.  Call us today to find out how we can turn your vision into a reality, or click here to download our new Hybrid Homes with Timber Accents brochure.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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