Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes has been chosen to receive the 2019 Snyder County Conservation Innovation Award by the Snyder County Conversation District Board of Directors and Staff.

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The Snyder County Conversation District selected Timberhaven as recipient of this award because of their environmental stewardship.  The first step in their sustainability directive begins with trees, a renewable resource, that are used to produce eco-friendly custom homes.  Plus, the amount of power used to mill the trees into logs is far less than what is used to cut trees into dimensional lumber for conventionally-framed homes.  Additionally, log homes offer advantages in the form of thermal mass, which makes a log home easier and more cost effective to warm during the cold months and cool during the summer.

Innovation Award: Manufacturing

From an operational perspective, one way Timberhaven demonstrates environmental stewardship is by maintaining a zero-waste factor.  As with everything the company produces, there is always a small percentage of material that does not meet the high-quality specifications. In these instances, this material is cut down into other usable products like log siding corners, 2x or 1x trim, window and door bucks, spindles for interior railing, etc. The material is cut down smaller and smaller until it is no longer usable.  Any unusable material is compiled for use in the shop’s wood burning furnace, the building’s only source of heat. In some instances, unusable materials are even used as firewood for employees’ homes.

Lastly, the White Pine wood shavings and saw dust are collected and provided to local farmers for use as turkey and chicken bedding. The Oak shavings (which are yielded when the company manufactures bridge timbers) are used by local farmers for cattle bedding.

Innovation Award: Eco-Friendly Products

An added environmentally-friendly benefit is that the application of drywall, insulation, and other toxic solutions and chemical substances are cut down considerably with log home construction. People with allergies will find that a home built using natural resources will improve the quality of the indoor air, providing a healthier living environment.

plant in hand, innovation award, sustainability, eco-friendly homes, nature friendly, sustainable actions, Timberhaven

When you look at the environmental and health impact that log homes have, it is hard to find a more sustainable construction solution than a custom log home from the eco-friendly stewards at Timberhaven.  The County will present a plaque of achievement to Timberhaven at its annual awards ceremony on March 29, 2019.

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