Labor of Love: Log Home Dreams Really Do Come True

Log home dreams really do come true.  This one became a real labor of love…

Log homeowner, Randy Phillips, met Todd Fisher of Todd Fisher Construction about 30 years ago. At the time, Randy had recently purchased a parcel of land and was living in a mobile home that was situated on the property. Randy had a dream. He explained to Todd that someday he would build a log home on his newly acquired land.

And so it began.

Randy thought about how he would live in his dream home and planned his design for many years. He stayed in contact with Todd along the way. Not only to share design ideas and thoughts but to remind Todd his dream was still valid.

And so the dream continued.

When Randy met Margie, the dynamic duo worked to massage the perfect plan a bit more. Just as they were about to execute their plan of action, Randy suffered a heart attack, and the project was consequently put on hold.

Log home dreams really do come true.

So with an abundance of hope and dedication, the Phillips’ continued their dream log home plan. It was a sweet victory when project moved forward in favorable fashion, and Randy and Margie finally got their hands on those logs in June 2006. The DIYers spent much of the next year and a half, during the evenings and on the weekends, constructing their dream. Pouring sweat equity and love into their new log home. It was quite the Christmas present when they were able to move in a week before Christmas in 2007.

Over the years, the couple has spent much time enhancing their property. In particular, the landscaping and gardens. These outdoor creations are pristine works of art, like a courtyard straight out of Fine Gardening magazine. One truly has to see the gardens in person to really appreciate their full beauty. The serene surroundings explode with color and sweet fragrances when the gardens are in full bloom, making Randy and Margie’s log home a place of tranquility – inside and out!

Their Labor of Love

For the Phillips, their log home and the surrounding grounds have been a real labor of love. The couple humbly shares their sincere pride, adoration and happiness associated with the property. In fact, Randy reports not being able to get Margie to go on vacation. He said, “It’s because she just loves being home!”

Perhaps this is all the proof we need – there’s truly no place like home!