Lakeside Log Cabin Home

As if on cue for the spring thaw, the construction of the lakeside log cabin home we’ve been documenting has been completed!  Let us be the first to say: The cabin turned out beautifully.  Congratulations Stan Dixon and Greg Massmann (reps in IL and MN respectively) for bringing this lakeside log cabin home to realization.

The specs for this log cabin home include:

  • Modified Clear Creek – the Clear Creek is a standard Timberhaven log cabin home design
  • 1,434 square feet, 3 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms
  • A gorgeous lake view – not included with Timberhaven’s complete package
  • 6×8 D log profile with a mortise & tenon corner assembly – our most popular profile and corner combination
  • Premium-grade, kiln-dried Engineered Logs – dried to an average moisture content of 9%. Our Engineered Logs are the most stable, virtually check free, high-grade log available in the market. The logs are stronger and have a more refined appearance, and we are very proud to offer this truly superior product.
  • Beam & Purlin roof system throughout the entire home – a popular alternative package option. Some homeowners choose this system because of its look – some select it because local building codes mandate it.  For example, in some colder climate areas, like where this lakeside log cabin home was erected, local building codes require higher insulation values.  The higher R-value is easily achievable with Timberhaven’s Beam & Purlin roof system as opposed to the conventionally built 2×12 rafter roof with rolled insulation.
  • Solid-log gables – also an alternative package option.
  • Design modifications include elimination of cathedral porch area and incorporation of additional windows in order to take full advantage of that gorgeous lake view!  The homeowner also added shed dormers to increase usable space in the second level. Whether simple modifications, like these, or complete customization, design services are always available at Timberhaven.
  • Standard package options included with this lakeside log cabin home are:
    • All logs precut for window and door openings and roof pitch
    • All interior wall framing (load bearing or non-load bearing) and interior doors
    • Material for porch and deck areas
    • Andersen window/door units
    • Tamko 30-year architectural shingles
    • Schlage hardware
    • Outlast Q8 Log Oil
    • “Complete” Materials Package Guarantee
    • Lifetime Warranty

Now that the hard work and frigid temperatures are in the past, it is time to relax, unwind and enjoy what lakeside log cabin home living is all about.  Cheers!