Central Pennsylvania’s Leading Lady: Special Feature

The Daily Item has released a special feature about Central Pennsylvania’s Leading Ladies. As such, we are honored to share with you, Timberhaven’s proud owner and leading lady, Lynda Tompkins.

Meet our Leading Lady

With three decades of design, construction and leadership experience in the log & timber home industry, Lynda Tompkins is the proud owner of Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes. Under Lynda’s leadership, Timberhaven manufacturers premium-quality kiln-dried traditional and engineered Log, Timber Frame, and Hybrid Homes as well as Timber Accents and Outdoor Timber Structures.

leading lady, Lynda Tompkins, owner of Timberhaven stands with client leading lady, Lynda Tompkins, owner of Timberhaven stands with sales manager

Lynda is pictured here with Keith Sacchini, Timberhaven homeowner (left) and Brad Mercer, Corporate Sales Manager (right).

Given her expertise, perseverance, and innovation, Lynda implores her team to invest patience, time and energy on every project to ensure expectations have been exceeded in design, quality and, most importantly, customer service.

As a world-wide manufacturer of the premium-grade engineered log and timber, Lynda holds her team accountable for executing this product to perfection. Other founding principles include understanding and considering all ethical consequences related to every decision, creating a family-centric workplace, emphasizing the importance of building lifelong relationships and giving back to her community.

Lynda and her team have been recognized with professional awards on the local and national level for their excellence in home design, marketing and for setting the industry standards by which to measure quality, value, customer service and complete experiential satisfaction.

A Team of Experts for Support

The Timberhaven Team possesses 30 years on average industry experience per employee. With this unparalleled dedication and continued hard work, coupled with the founding principles of the business that Lynda maintains, is it any surprise the company has secured a leading position in the log & timber frame home industry?

“I am proud of and abundantly blessed to work with my Timberhaven family. And we look forward to working with you, too. Stop by our office or check us out online today!” ~ Lynda Tompkins