One of the many distinguishing features of Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes is the attention to detail, more pointedly, the meticulous premarking and precutting processes.  In this video we are going to introduce you to the specific premarking steps that are utilized in the manufacturing of each and every Timberhaven home.


Premarking Process: Precut Plans

It all starts with the storyboard or precut sheets which detail the size and placement of each and every log. Here one of our skilled professionals is measuring the available length of the log and referencing the precut sheets for maximum utilization. He is identifying and marking the specific details which explain the necessary steps throughout the precutting processes.

Premarking Process: Marking of the Logs

In this case, the log is marked with an “S” for spline joint, “M” designating the male portion and “F” for the female component of the mortise & tenon assembly. The 12/12 roof pitch is identified along with an alpha-numeric reference and designated length of the finished log is also indicated. As you see here, this is log 9A which measures 13 ft. and ¼ inch.

The precut sheet is highlighted indicating the premarking process is complete for this particular log.

Premarking Process: Stamp Grade

The next step is to stamp each log with the appropriate grading designation. Each and every Timberhaven customer receives a certificate of inspection indicating the specifications of their material selections.

Once the premarking has been completed, the logs are then transferred via forklift and placed on the cutline conveyor. They are now ready for the next step in our manufacturing process which is the precutting phase.

Precutting Process is next; stay tuned! 

In our next video, we will share with you all of the individual steps that make up this precision process. For more information, please be sure to check out our website at or call us at 855-306-5678. Thank you and stay tuned.