be kind written on pavement, pay it forward, random acts of kindness, Timberhaven Team, community outreachBeing part of a community is a powerful experience. If you think about it, communities provide us with various things including home, friendship, warmth, and a sense of belonging. At its core, a community is that familiar thread that weaves people together so each individual feels as though they have support in times when they need it most.

Small actions can make a big difference. What might not seem like a big act of kindness to you could have such a powerful ripple-effect on others. Remember that movie Pay It Forward? While the film might have made it seem like a new phenomenon, the concept of repaying the kindness to others instead of to the original benefactor is actually quite old–and one that’s worth continuing. Because of this, we at Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes have been working hard to get involved within the community as much as we can, including reaching out to various nonprofit organizations.

Pay It Forward One Step At a Time

An important goal of ours is to pay it forward–and with the help of our wonderful employees, we’ve been able to make it happen. Our joint effort has allowed us to extend a helping hand in a variety of areas, including collecting gift cards for local families in need, donating materials and labor to Promise Ranch Ministries for their new porch, supporting fire stations and mission trips, as well as gathering much-needed items for organizations such as 5 Barley Loaves, 5 Loaves & 2 Fishes, and Ronald McDonald House. We’re also working with our local community to support their efforts in erecting a 20’x34′ public timber frame pavilion (which we will tell you all about real soon).  Finally, we’re also looking to complete more simple actions that just make us feel good – like opening the door for someone or allowing them to go first in the check-out line, buying coffee for the person behind you in the line at Dunkin’, etc.  As time goes on, we will support additional nonprofits when opportunities arise and we will seek out further opportunities to complete random acts of kindness on a daily basis.

group of people working on porch, pay it forward, random acts of kindness, kindness matters, RAKs, Timberhaven, community support, middleburg, PA group of people with supplies, pay it forward, random acts of kindness, kindness matters, RAKs, Timberhaven, community support, middleburg, PA

Remember, even the smallest act of kindness toward someone in your community can have a big effect. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Almost anything we do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that we do it.”

Every small step to get involved or help someone is an opportunity to have a mutually positive impact. As we look for opportunities to do so, we hope you will, too.