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Timberhaven Log Homes blog is finally here…. Welcome! This website has been created in an effort to get connected to our many existing customers and to make some new friends. We want to inform you about what is going on at Timberhaven, as well as share news about log homes in general. We are elated for the opportunity to exchange information, knowledge and experiences with you.

Would you consider yourself a log home enthusiast? Have you always known your dream home would be built from logs? Or are you looking for ways to build sustainably and were wondering howTimberhaven log homes fall into the ‘eco-friendly’ buildings system? Maybe you were simply looking for a new home and happened to stumble across the Timberhaven Log Homes blog. Whatever the case may be, realizing your dream home will be one of the most exciting ventures of your life and it should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, we are here to help you!

In fact, we take great pride in working with every single one of our customers – informing, educating, and ultimately assisting them with realizing their dream. We will utilize this blog as a means of doing just that.

Over the next few months Timberhaven Log Homes blog will:

• Provide floor plan design ideas and suggestions
• Discuss ways of building sustainably
• Share cost-saving tips and how to overcome financing hurdles
• Show you how to compare estimates from numerous log home suppliers
• Help you understand our manufacturing processes
• Outline ways to care for your log home
• Talk to customers who were once in your shoes

Timberhaven Log Homes Blog - Your Resource Center

But first – we are going to spend the next few weeks introducing you to and walking you through the construction process of a custom log home. This couple spent years looking for a log home manufacturer who could supply them with a particular product and even more time in designing their perfect floor plan. Now, they are bringing their dream log home to fruition – one log at a time – how exciting!  We hope you will follow us as we share in this dream log home adventure….and more.

From our family to yours, welcome to Timberhaven Log Homes blog.  Let’s get started.