Timber Frame Open Living Areas

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In the world of log homes and timber frame homes, it is easy to become so accustomed to talking about the beauty of wood that we can end up overlooking some other unique and aesthetically-pleasing design elements in the process.  One of those is tile, and just like horn-rimmed glasses have made a big comeback within certain latte-sipping, philosophy-discussing demographics, trendy tiles are making a big splash (and, in some cases, helping prevent them) in the custom wood home market.  Here are a couple tile trends that you can incorporate into your log home or timber frame home today!

You Can’t Lose with Neutral Tones: Trendy Tiles

As seems to be applicable in so many areas of design and decor, it is hard to go wrong with neutral tones.  When selecting tile for your flooring, backsplashes, or general ambiance, earth tones and subtle colors can be your best friend.  The natural and organic atmosphere of a log home lays a good foundation for this, and using tile as a stand-in for stone can help you pay homage to some of those other building materials in an easy and more fashionable manner.

Get Creative with Geometric Shapes: Trendy Tiles

trendy tile in kitchen area, log homes, timber frame homes, Timberhaven, tiles for custom homesA growing trend that we have witnessed is the use of geometric shapes in tiled patterns throughout log homes.  Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in the repetition of the lateral lines from the courses of logs stacked on top of each other, and installing traditional, square tiling may end up adding to the mass of lines.  One simple way to break up these patterns is to use tiles in shapes other than quadrilaterals.  Hexagonal (honeycomb-shaped) or small circular tiles have been rapidly growing in popularity and can lend their own sense of uniqueness to a room.

Add Size Variation: Trendy Tiles

We’ve noticed that this one goes especially well with the geometric shapes mentioned above.  A great way to spruce up the visual contrast of your design is to use tiles of various sizes.  While tile patterns are often known for their calculated and homologous designs, breaking out your creativity and designing a one-of-a-kind installation with tiles of two or more sizes can result in a truly unique masterpiece you can call your own.

kitchen with red cabinets and trendy tiles, log homes, timber frame homes, Timberhaven, tiles for custom homes

Paint the Town Red (or, at least a tile or two)

While neutral and earth-toned tiles are a solid standby and provide a great foundation for any tile arrangement, sometimes you just need that pop of color to reach out and grab the viewer’s eye.  Including some bright and vibrant accent tiles throughout your configuration can be an excellent way to add some visual dynamics to a space, like the floor shown here.  However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t advise you to not overdo it with the bright colors — like jokesters at a party, a few can be entertaining, but a roomful is a bit too much.

As with all areas of your log home or timber frame home, have fun, and make it your own.  Who knows…perhaps you’ll discover you’re the Pablo Picasso of kitchen or bathroom tiles along the way!

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