Log Home Adapts To The Setting

From mud and stone to timbers and steel, structures have been built from any number of materials throughout human history.  As technology has advanced, so have our building materials and methods of construction.  So, why White Pine?  And how is it a relevant contender in today’s building market?

White Pine: Renewable & Hardy

In today’s world of ever-increasing consumer demand, more and more people are searching for responsible, renewable resources.  Few materials meet these specifications better than white pine.

White pine trees reach full maturity much sooner than some other timber species considered suitable for building, such as oak.  This means that white pine trees can be harvested, replanted, and harvested again at a much faster rate, making them very suitable for keeping up with ongoing demand.

The white pine can also grow in a wide variety of soils and climates. This allows trees to be planted (and later harvested) in areas where other species may not fare so well, rendering them an excellent, sustainable crop.

White Pine: Strong, Yet Light

Because of the cellular structure of white pine timbers, they offer an incredible weight-to-performance ratio in terms of structural integrity when compared to other wood species or building materials.  Additionally, proper kiln-drying removes nearly all of the water trapped inside the wood, which eliminates that unnecessary weight, leaving a structurally-sound timber that is much easier to manage during the construction process.  Kiln-drying also acts to pre-shrink the wood prior to milling, which produces greater long-term stability by minimizing any future expansion or contraction of the wood.

White Pine: Beautiful & Versatile

Each white pine log or timber is uniquely different with its own story to tell.  This uniqueness adds an extra element of charm to your home that other, mass-produced building elements do not.  Timberhaven offers these beautiful logs in two varieties – traditional solid log and our premium-grade Engineered Logs.

Traditional solid kiln-dried logs are a single, heart-cut timber milled to the specifications of your home.  All of the characteristics and subtle nuances are contained throughout that piece of wood.

Engineered Logs are created by laminating multiple 2-by plies of wood into a single timber.  This allows for an even lower moisture content since each ply is dried individually, strengthening its structural integrity even further and virtually eliminating checks (or natural cracks) in the wood.

Throughout the years, white pine logs have remained one of the most viable, sustainable products in the construction industry.  From strength to beauty, there is nothing more sustainable for you to call home.

Log Home Adapts To The Setting