Seven Steps to Successful Log Home Planning

Every successful project starts with a great plan, and our Timberhaven representatives are here to help you develop the perfect plan of action for your custom built log home or log cabin. Here are seven basic steps to help you with your journey.

  1. You’ll want the perfect home plan to complement your piece of property. If you have not already decided on a home plan, we encourage you to refer to our most popular log home designs and log cabin designs on our website — or visit our Log Home Design Center for 300+ plan ideas to help you get started. Your local representative can also help develop your log home or log cabin design, or there is always an open invitation to meet with one of a design professionals at our corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania.  Collectively, the goal is to make your unique design a reality.
  2. Call your Timberhaven Log Home Representative to arrange a personalized home tour and begin planning your new home. Working together, you will decide on how much home you can afford to build, review materials package options, discuss financing considerations, contractors, and much more. If you’ve selected a log home or log cabin design, your representative will provide price estimates or submit a request for a free detailed estimate.  At this point you may also consider attending one of our Planning & Construction Seminars.
  3. In these early stages of your planning, set time aside to meet with a financial professional of your choice to formally qualify you for the purchase of your log home or log cabin project. Timberhaven wants to work with you within in your qualified / desired budget parameters to be sure that we are guiding you through the process accordingly in order to meet your final expectations.
  4. About a week after the initial consultation and submission for a detailed estimate, you will meet again with your representative to review your estimate, address any necessary plan modifications and submit a $3,000 or $5,000 plan deposit (based on amount of plan customization) to start the preliminary plan and quote process. Your deposit will “freeze” the package price for a period of 6 months. Now, with an actual quote and preliminary plans in hand, you can submit a loan application to your financial institution.
  5. Finalize your changes and approve your preliminary plans. Submit either a $4,000 plan deposit or a 20% deposit to receive your detailed construction plans and construction manual in approximately 4-6 weeks.
  6. It’s time to select a date for your log home package or log cabin package to be delivered. Please allow up to 8 weeks from the time your 20% deposit is received for delivery. The closing date of your financing needs to be scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to delivery or a minimum of 4-6 weeks if 20% deposit has not been submitted.
  7. Lastly, site preparation can be started while Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes begins your material procurement and manufacturing / pre-cutting your new log home or log cabin package. Final payment is due upon delivery.

Happy Building!

Tricia and Ken - Timberhaven Team
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