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The TIMBERHAVEN Timber Frame Home

What is a timber frame home?

Log homes are beautiful structures, whether they are magnificent mansions or cozy cabins tucked into the woods. Log homes are not only an architectural preference but a lifestyle. While timber frame homes share a variety of characteristics with log homes, they are unique in several ways.

Timber Frame Construction

The construction of a timber frame home is unlike any other home. It is in a league different than log home construction and a world away from a traditional stick-built home. A timber frame home is not simply fastened together with a hammer or held in place by a nail gun. The beams are not bolted together with large gusset plates, and the walls are not held together with lag bolts.

A timber frame home is precision crafted so that each piece fits together perfectly as part of an ornate puzzle. The primary beams are mortised to fit exactly and secondary beams are notched, drilled and held in place with wooden pegs to secure the structure together. Each piece depends on another to form the sturdy framework of your home.

Timber Frame Structure

Unlike a log home where the walls are laid one course on top of another, timber frame

homes are built around individual timbers which provide the skeleton for the structure. These strong and sturdy beams can range in size and can be flat, milled timbers, or they can have a more rough-hewn appearance to them, depending on the taste of the homeowner.

Timber frame homes open up a wealth of construction and aesthetic possibilities to a homeowner. These walls can be built with a wide variety of insulation values and are built on-site using traditional framing or construction practices.

Timber Frame Appearance

One of the most notable qualities of a timber frame home is its appearance. A timber frame homeowner can choose a variety of materials to represent in the interior and exterior surfaces of the home. Some exterior examples include brick, cedar shake, stone, board and batten, and even vinyl or log siding, to name a few. Additionally, the interior walls can be tongue-and-groove wood, stone, drywall, or any mixture of materials. When it comes to getting the perfect look you want, the possibilities are endless.

In the end, a timber frame home is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, style, and personal taste. It is truly immeasurable beauty.

Timberframe frame and barn doors
Hybrid Home with Decorative Timber Trusses

Why Timberhaven?

Quality | Completeness | Flexibility | Experience | Warranty

Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes is America’s premier manufacturer for Log, Timber Frame and Hybrid Homes, located in Middleburg, Pennsylvania.  We specialize in kiln-dried premium-grade Engineered Logs and Timbers.  We focus on working closely with our customers to provide a complete solution to their custom home dreams. We take great pride in our products and services and offer only the best in:

  • Kiln-Dried Engineered or Traditional Solid Timbers
  • Most complete Timber Frame and Hybrid Home packages in the industry
  • The industry’s Best Quality Assurance Programs:
    • “Complete” Package Guarantee
    • Lifetime Warranty
  • Precision pre-cut, pre-sorted and inversely stacked timbers
  • Name-brand package components like Andersen windows and Therma-Tru doors
  • Free custom-design consultation and technical assistance
  • Dozens of styles, trusses and bent options
  • Professional sales network across the country

True perfection doesn’t come through machines but through time-tested skill and precision of craftsmanship.  Our specialized tradesmen have honed their skills over decades in the Log and Timber Home industry.  With over 29 years of industry experience per employee, you can count on our team’s expertise.  This is not their first home, and it will not be their last.  That’s why, Your Dream. . . Our Passion is not just our tagline.  It is the foundation for how we do business.  Any Log, Timber Frame and Hybrid Home manufacturer can tell you they’re the best; but will they stand behind their word?  We will.

Timber Frame Home Plans

Sophistication, elegance, and functionality are the cornerstones of these new Timberhaven timber frame home designs. Meticulously planned and skillfully crafted, these models will exceed your expectations of what a true timber frame home can be.


Just like the masters of old, true perfection comes not through machines and automation but through sweat and toil of human hands, spurred onward by a vision deep within. At Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes, we share this same purpose and dedication, a singular vision to craft the most beautiful timber frame homes, uniquely shaped and formed for you and your lifestyle.


A well-oiled machine would not work well if it was not built to exact specifications. In the same way, Timberhaven’s timber frame homes require a lot of specific detail to be sure everything fits perfectly during construction.

No amount of planning and design can take the place of dedication in the workshop, shaping your timber frame home into a piece of architectural beauty.


Our specialized timber frame crafters have perfected their skills over decades in the log and timber frame home industry. This is not their first home, and it will not be their last.

There is no way that you can substitute the experience or replace the expertise of our timber frame home builders.


Just like a potter who molds a fine vase, our timber frame crafters deliberately shape your timber frame home as only someone with a lifetime of knowledge and dedicated experience can do.

The Timberhaven Difference

When you look to build a home, you look first to those with experience and a proven track record of excellence. Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes is committed to that excellence, and we have the years of experience to prove it.


The Timberhaven staff has the knowledge and experience to meet our customers’ varied needs. Our methods and techniques have been proven time and time again to a solid advantage in the custom home industry.

Service You Can Count On

Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes has a reputation for providing incredible service and support – before, during and after your timber frame home is built.

  • Technical assistance is just a toll-free phone call away
  • Detailed drawings to assist builders and do-it-yourselfers alike
  • Precut timber frame packages that take the guess-work out of the cutting in the field by doing it in our factory to exacting tolerances
  • Presorted labeled timbers that correspond to detailed construction plans, that saves time on the job site

Local Representatives

At Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes, we understand the importance of working with a local sales professional who knows your needs better than anyone else. We don’t believe in simply making a sale – we value relationships. Our large network of the industry’s best and most knowledgeable representatives will be there with you every step of the way, from the first steps of planning to the finishing touches of construction.

Timber frame home entryway

Engineered Beams & Timbers

Our kiln-dried engineered beams and timbers offer a superior product at a great price. These timbers are created by taking individual boards and laminating them together in a radio frequency dryer to create a complete timber. These timbers are then cut and milled to the specifications for your home. This process results in the most stable, virtually check free, high-grade timber available in the market.  We are very proud to offer this high quality and truly unique product.

The benefits include:

  1. Engineered timbers provide virtually no checking
  2. Engineered timbers are dryer than a solid timber with an average 9% moisture content
  3. Engineered timbers have a more refined appearance – accepts stain and preservative the same as the conventional timber and beams
  4. Engineered timbers are stronger – As a laminated product, the alternating grain of the individual plies provides significant strength and stability to each of the laminated cants, providing stronger and straighter timbers than a solid timber of the same species and dimensions.
  5. Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes’ engineered timbers are a superior product at a solid timber price!

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Kiln-Dried Traditional Timbers

Many manufacturers claim to offer kiln-dried products, but few of them meet the specifications that Timberhaven requires. Our Kiln-Dried Traditional Timbers are required to undergo a closely-monitored drying process during which large amounts of water are removed from the wood. Kiln-drying also sanitizes the timbers by killing off insects and larvae which burrow into the wood. This process minimizes future problems that can arise from timbers slowly drying over time – shrinking, cracking, warping, and twisting – which is important because of the tight specifications to which the home is built.

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Modern Hybrid Home with Timber Accents

Seven Steps to Successful Timber Frame Home Planning

Every successful project starts with a great plan, and our Timberhaven representatives are here to help you develop the perfect plan of action for your Timber Frame Home or Hybrid Home. Take time to review seven basic steps to help you with your journey.

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Material & Package Specifications

Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes offers you a variety of package selections to ensure you can meet your budget and your construction needs. Combine all three packages and you’re automatically assured of getting the most complete timber frame package available. Be careful when comparing to avoid unpleasant surprises — all timber frame homes are not created equal.

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Timber Frame Gallery

The beauty of our timber frame homes and the meticulous process that goes into creating them is something you have to see for yourself. If a picture is worth a thousand words, our homes are worth a library.

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